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Founded in 2005, CAMTEX is a leader in providing complete Engineering solutions.

Our extensive engineering consulting and construction experience includes roadways and bridges, rail projects, storm and sanitary sewers, buildings, tolling facilities, and ITS infrastructure. At CE, we provide services to both public and private sector clients through traditional or alternate project delivery, including design build. While the construction phase of a project can present the most challenges and potential disruption of owners’ daily lives, this phase does allow owners to realize their project goals and overall improvement plans. Having a proactive and knowledgeable team of construction engineers allows CE to facilitate a smooth project progression throughout the construction period. Our primary goal over the construction period is to ensure that the client’s substantial investment and project resources are responsibly managed, as well as effectively communicating any events that impact the stakeholders. Our construction engineering staff is frequently involved with design and planning stages of project delivery, and possesses knowledge of all facets of project delivery. Not only does this help the CE team develop responsible and practical field solutions, but it also allows us to be engaged in the entire life of a project. From initial planning through construction completion, we help facilitate seamless communication by utilizing a single point of contact on the CE team. CAMTEX complete Engineering approach gives us the tools and skills to develop efficient and customized solutions for projects of any scale. This gives our clients the benefit of a single point of contact for a comprehensive set of surveying and mapping products. The size of our available workforce means we are able to use these tools effectively to accomplish even large-scale projects on accelerated schedules. Our market expertise includes rail and roadway, oil and gas, electric, gas distribution, telecommunications, water, public sector, and federal experience, and our project portfolio demonstrates a proven track record for a wide variety of clients.


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Camtex Engineering was established in 2005 with a focus on innovative solutions and an emphasis on cost savings for both public and private clients. Camtex Engineering draws upon a wide variety of staff and firm experience to produce high-quality work, be it feasibility studies, planning, schematic, PS&E, traffic modeling, operations and design, hydraulics and hydrology, structural design, and other transportation related design services. Learn more about our clients and certifications, projects, and services by clicking the navigation bar at the top of “Home” page. We provide the best-in-class service to our clients. Make their success, our success. Provide innovative and cost saving solutions and strive to always exceed their expectations.

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